Fabric Revival Workshops

Thinking of a fun way to get together with friends this year? Or maybe you are looking for a hands-on way to learn about reuse and other changes you can make in your daily life to combat climate impacts. Host a Revival workshop for your group!

JF Revival Studio offers private skill share workshops in fabric upcycling, where you can learn various techniques to transform textile waste into stylish creations. With step-by-step guidance, you will learn how to manipulate fabric, as well as create unique accessories using leftover textiles in a fun, relaxed way. These workshops can be tailored for your crowd, whether you are seasoned crafters or complete beginners. Make the world a more beautiful place - together.

All materials are provided and locally sourced from pre-and post-consumer textile waste.

Would you like to host a Revival Workshop? Choose from the workshops above, fill out the workshop info request form and let's get the party started!

Quilled Wool Trivets

Textile Feather Accessories

Hooked Fabric Coasters

Fabric Flower Mini Pots

Current Workshop Offerings:
  • No experience necessary!

  • Prices start at $35 per person, with a 3 participant minimum required. Groups are currently limited to 8 participants.

  • Workshops for groups of up to 15 are available, email for options and pricing.

  • Workshops last 3-4 hours, depending on the project

  • Consultation required before booking; host sites must be located in the Portland, Oregon metro area unless otherwise arranged

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Currently on break for the holidays! Check back soon...

  • Fremont Fest - August 5, 2023

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