a flower made from denim jeans
a flower made from denim jeans

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When excess materials present themselves, I craft quirky and fun home decor and accessories. You may find pet toys from sweater samples, trivets from woolen mill offcuts, or rugs from T-shirts and sheets. Items are seasonal, one of a kind and sold at local makers markets. Check the event calendar for upcoming market dates. An online store is on the way!

At the heart of my studio practice is the creation of tactile and textured fabric art using fast fashion denim jeans, clothing and other textiles no longer suitable for their original use.

I intentionally use the slow process of hand sewn fabric collage and embroidery to infuse the materials with greater meaning, a process that often contrasts with its mass produced origin. Reclaiming and elevating these materials is a creative challenge that continues to inspire me to find the extraordinary hidden within the everyday.

Click here to peruse a roundup of resources to help you craft more sustainably and a compilation of news stories from around the globe to help you stay in the loop about textile waste solutions.

About Me

Hi! I'm Julie Flusche, a reuse artist and advocate for sustainability in the craft community and beyond. My work focuses on reclaiming textile and fast fashion waste to transform it back into something beautiful and inspiring.

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